Advanced Breast Imaging

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On-Demand CME 2024

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Advanced Breast Imaging: Diagnosis and Work Up 2024

In-Person and Webinar
September 26-27, 2024

Advanced Breast Imaging: Diagnosis and Work Up 2025

In-Person and Webinar
January 30-31, 2025

Comprehensive Tutorial in Breast Imaging: Evidence-Based and Interactive Approach 2025

In-Person and Webinar
April 3-4, 2025

Advanced Breast Imaging: Diagnosis and Work Up Fall 2025

In-Person and Webinar
October 16-17, 2025

About Advanced Breast Imaging

This CME course seeks to fulfill the need in the practicing radiology community to increase and improve the fund of knowledge as well as procedural skillset in performing the large variety of breast imaging procedures and techniques possible to optimize patients’ breast cancer detection and diagnosis. The course will utilize lectures and case studies to demonstrate best practices and imaging techniques/biopsy methods for finding breast cancer, and for positioning the breast to see cancer on mammograms.

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